The Italian Gambit System: A Guiding Repertoire For White - 1.e4

The Italian Gambit System: A Guiding Repertoire For White - 1.e4

English | 2003 | ISBN: 1553696042 | 346 Pages | PDF | 43.4 MB

New ideas, technical novelties an more on the age old Italian game with 4,d4!, allowing the sharp and forcing "Italian Gambit" to emerge. This move, a surprising one to many, transforms the classic "Giouco Piano" or literally the quiet game into anything but its revered and somewhat sedate namesake.

Black's third move, 3...Bc5 seems "safe" and allows the second player plenty of time to develop (quietly) for positional play. This will occur on White playing almost any reasonable move, except for the center assaulting initiative gaining 4.d4!...being the main focus of this endeavor. 4.d4! is clearly a forcing move, Black must react! Whatever unfolds from this point, White will have central control, lead in development, the initiative and it is White not Black who will get the first emerging opportunitites.

Accurate play by Black is necessary to hold and neutralize the initial gains of opposition, and it will be difficult to demonstrate anything better than equality, or that White cannot claim real compensation for the gambit pawn. This Book involves no less than three (3) years of study, Master analysis; including complete computer verification of all important variations.

These lines have been studied and developed over many years by the venerable Chess Master and teacher Jude Acers, they are the essential and recommended lines for all play that commences 1.e4, but are especially effective for the new "limited" time controls in present and future tournament play.

All levels, whether they be the first or second side of the board will discover fresh arsenals for both attack and defense. As White, once you embrace (and you will) these "to the point" openings, this book will take you via clear reference to the sources of future study. As Black, you must be prepared. The reader will not be overwhelmed by masses of theory or endless analytical variations, but shall discover how and where to find such material.


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